Our company packs several decades of experience in the broadcast industry and understands its  finest nuances and needs. Always at the forefront, innovation and creativity is our company’s DNA. Professionalism, integrity and commitment isof the cornerstone of all our ventures. As the full digitalization of Cable business is not very old, we take the lead in improving the TV industry to rise to newer challenges. Most importantly, we know that the TV industry cannot rest on its past laurels, so we are continuously evolving in terms of online, Internet based solutions.

Digital system of Nepal (DSN) is a private limited company established under Company Act 2063 at company registrar office of the Government of Nepal (GoN) incorporated on 4th of October 2009. The Company aims to provide satellite cable television along with internet with the help of digital boxes with triple play facilities side by side with the present Analogue system. In the present context of this 21st century where the world is getting very smaller with the advancement of science and technology, Cable Television and Media business has become a very hot demand to the entire age groups across the world and realising the present development of Nepal we can say with conviction that cable TV and internet is gradually becoming a booming business which provides the maximum entertainment and infotainment to the people of Kathmandu as well as entire Nepal.

The vision of Digital system is to acquire 100 % cable TV Network inside Kathmandu valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur). Digital system of Nepal pvt ltd has already taken the permission of The MSO (Multy System Operator) license in the name Of DSN from the Information and communication ministry of Nepal. With the help of this signal MSO license Digital System of Nepal can operate Digital cable Television networks in every nook and corner of Nepal with a signal license and also can distribute its signal and Digital SET TOP BOXES entire part of Nepal. Within the Three years projected time frame work Digital system of Nepal Pvt Ltd will have its spider network spread in the entire part of Nepal on the Digital platform. The Digital System Of Nepal Pvt Ltd has come up with a multi vision in the field of Cable Television industry in Nepal to be the largest service provider of the Digital cable TV operator with deployment of the SET TOP boxes with cable TV channels, Video on Demand, internet on cable and lot of other additional services supported by the Digital Technology.