Ganesh Niraula (Shiva Niraula)

Growing up in Lalitpur, Ganesh Niraula had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge from an early age. After doing his Bachelors in Psychology, he went for a Masters degree in Sociology and Anthropology. He dabbled for a while in internet startups and successfully sold his initial companies as an internet entrepreneur. At that time he discovered that his heart ultimately was in International business and he went to the prestigious Middlesex University in U.K. to earn his colors in Business management Science. After coming back to Nepal, he assiduously built up the largest content provider company of Nepal, DSN along with his childhood friend and mentor, Dhurba Sharma. Ganesh has good language skills and multicultural exposure, and feels at ease anywhere in the world. Apart from his mother tongue, he is proficient in English and Hindi, while also having a useful working knowledge of French.  

He worked for a short while with a leading international hotel chain in London. After his rerturn, he has spearheaded the outflow of international television content as the Director of Business Development  at DSN.